Do You Want to Start Making Money Online?

Looking for a way to make money online?
Do you want to start writing your own paycheck?
Wondering how to change your life?

Well… Take a look at this.

Ads Approved is a guide and case study detailing what I did to build a website, get it approved for Google AdSense, and then start generating traffic and making money online.

I have created this guide and case study so you can try to duplicate my success and start making your own money. I’ve also included a FREE traffic guide detailing the methods I used to get visitors and improve my websites search engine rankings.

Safe – Everything I did is 100% in line with Googles terms of use and nothing is done to compromise your AdSense account using these safe practices.

No Experience Needed – You don’t need to be a technical person in order to follow the steps in this guide. From building and creating your very own website, to performing SEO on it to help it rank higher within search engines. You can do this.

Low Set-up Cost – Doesn’t cost much more than domain and hosting fees, which can be done for a great price if you go through the right provider. Whether you want to invest in hiring experts to create content, design graphics, keyword/niche research, website building, and SEO, which this guide contains a massive section on, the choice to invest more into your future is up to you. If you do choose to invest in your website by outsourcing services, there are multiple recommendations made for each appropriate section.

Clear-cut – No bull. This is exactly what I did all laid out for you. If you get approved, your website can start generating you money from its visitors.

 Learn How to Build A Website – You will learn a very valuable skill from this guide and that is how to build a website. You could then use this knowledge to expand upon and build a portfolio of money-making websites that generate revenue.

Rinse & Repeat – Once you have an AdSense approved account, you can place ads on your other websites too as long as they comply with the rules and you submit it for approval from the AdSense Team. Can you image owning 10, 20, 100 websites all generating you money? Since you will be learning how to create a website and SEO optimize it to enhance its rankings, creating more sites to earn money on and expand your online empire can be a reality. You can then go build more revenue-generating assets.

 AdSense Checklist – The very same checklist I wrote for myself before I applied and got approved.

Make Your Own Money Online

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for ways to make more money. Well, the combination of WordPress and Google AdSense is a perfect way to start out and has the potential to set you up with a full-time or additional income.

Getting AdSense approved is something that a lot of people struggle to achieve, but it doesn’t have to be this way!

This guide details exactly what I did to easily build a website that got AdSense approved with only 8 posts and 5 pages using WordPress; and you could duplicate my success.

This guide is all about building a website with WordPress that could get AdSense approved and allow you to start generating income online.

I have also included a FREE traffic generation guide separately detailing the methods that I used to generate traffic for my website both in the short-term and the long-term.

Making Money with Google AdSense

This is How I Started My Online Empire

If you aren’t sure what AdSense is – It is an advertising program created by Google that allows you to place ads on your website and generate money. Google AdSense is a program launched in 2003 run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience. Once approved, you can place ads on your website that will generate you money every time someone clicks on them.

This is an example screenshot of the Google AdSense Dashboard showing earnings and other metrics.

You will earn cash for people viewing and clicking on the ads displayed on your website, and people have been able to quit their jobs and run their AdSense websites from the comfort of their own homes.

Whether you are looking to start making money online or keep getting knocked back by Google for your AdSense application, this guide could be perfect for you.

Ads Dash

This guide outlines every step I took to get a website AdSense approved within 5 weeks. And that was me being on the safe side.

Did I mention I did it with only 8 articles?

That’s right, my website was approved to display AdSense ads with 8 articles and 5 small additional pages.

I have made tons of mistakes and spent countless hours learning how to create an awesome website that Google loves. And now I have condensed all my lessons and knowledge as a now successful person into an easy-to-follow case study of exactly how I got AdSense approved fast and created a website that can rank in search engines by SEO optimizing my own content.

What You Will Learn

✓ Niche Research & Selection – This is the money. The keywords you have on your website will directly reflect your search engine results, web traffic, and the type of ads AdSense will display. And since choosing the right niche can be hard, this guide will go into how to find a niche that suits you and your personality for you to go after.

 Website Building – You will be able to create your very own WordPress website with a domain name you purchase and be live on the Internet. You actually learn how to build a quality site that search engines like. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

 SEO – Yes, that’s right. You are going to learn some techniques that the pros use to get sites ranking. You will be shown how to properly optimize your articles and your website the right way. The way that complies with Google and keeps you in good stead. This guide will explain relevant SEO terminology to you and how they affect your website.

✓ How To Write – I’ve included a section on how you can write articles and improve your skills as you go. I used to struggle to get 500 words, now I hit 1500 by the time I wonder what the word count is. If you really can’t write or just don’t have the time, there is a list of recommendations inside where you can outsource these services too.

Benefits of Google AdSense

The Largest Pool of Advertisers

AdSense gives you access to Google’s large advertiser pool without having to maintain individual relationships.
With AdSense, you don’t have to seek out advertisers who reluctantly and rarely purchase space. You have complete access to those who are not only willing but seeking to advertise themselves. The most advertisers means:

• More competition for your inventory
• More relevant ads
• Ads for all your online content

Not only can you choose relevant ad topics for your website, but you can also customize relevancy by each page/section of your website as well, ensuring the best possible chance for the highest number of clickthroughs.

The Best Targeting

AdSense’s innovative targeting options allow advertisers to more precisely reach their desired audiences on your site — meaning more revenue for you and a better experience for your users. AdSense is mutually beneficial for both you and the advertisers, but you are also benefiting your users by helping them find additional products and services they need.

Contextual Targeting

AdSense displays ads related to the content of your page.
This makes it more likely that your site visitors will click on these ads, making them lucrative for you and the advertiser.

Placement Targeting

An advertiser can target your site based on demographics, vertical, geographic location, or URL.
Targeting is critical for both your business and the advertisers who will compliment you.

Interest-based Advertising

An advertiser can show ads based on your users’ interests and previous interactions with that advertiser.
Again, targeting is key. And believe me, the internet is much smarter than we are!

A Variety of Ad Formats

AdSense isn’t just for websites. Earn additional revenue by displaying ads on these places:

• Site search results
• Mobile web pages
• Feeds
• Parked domains
• Mobile applications
• Videos
• Online games
• TV inventory

You can place Google AdSense ads just about anywhere you are willing. And remember, the more ads you allow, the more likely you are to make money. Just remember to keep it relevant and as always… targeting is key!

Flexible Ad Controls

Protect the value of your brand and ensure a positive user experience by choosing how ads are displayed on your site.
While you want to include multiple Google AdSense Ads to make it the most beneficial, you will have to be careful not to over saturate your site. You don’t want to appear too ad-driven, or “salesy”, as this can be a turn off for potential customers.

Choose how Google Represents Your Inventory

• Choose how advertisers can target your site
• Block advertisers by URL or category
• Block third-party ads or certified ad networks

You have the power to filter the ads placed on your site. Be sure to manage this wisely, keeping out any questionable ads or unrelated ads that may slip through the cracks. While this isn’t likely, it can happen so just be sure to pay close attention.

Get Started Now!

Ads Approved can show you how to do proper keyword research so you can find a niche that suits you. A niche that suits your personality and interests increases your chances at being successful, so this will outline for you how to really analyze and find something that’s right for you.

Can you imagine being able to build AdSense optimized websites in no time? Websites that have the potential to rank within Google and other search engines?

With this knowledge, you can rinse and repeat all over to build your own AdSense empire! Create 5, 10, 50, 100 websites and generate money from them.


This guide is to the point and explained step-by-step. This isn’t an idea that has been conjured up that may get your website AdSense approved. This is a case study outlining exactly what I did and how I did it. I didn’t create a bunch of backlinks to my website, I didn’t get a bunch of social signals created, and I didn’t do anything other than creating great SEO optimized content and a quality website. Every bit of raw and natural SEO I performed is outlined for you in a step-by-step process. The skills you can learn from this are far superior to what a newbie will normally possess and this puts you miles ahead of the pack in this context.

So, are you ready?

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